Even though you see yourself as a vision of wedding-planning perfection, there’s still a tinge (or an overflow) of stress coming from “the unknown”. What is the unknown, you ask? It’s the collection of things you’re stressed out about, but you really aren’t sure what they are yet. The stress is coming from thoughts like, “What if something goes wrong?” “Am I prepared for this?” “Am I ready for that?” and “What if this, that AND the next thing happens?”Yes, these thoughts will inevitably rise from time to time, especially as you masochistically dig deep into the infinite archives of wedding horror stories available to you online. That’s where we say to you: Keep calm, plan on… and read this blog post.

To help alleviate some of the stress from the unknown, we’ve compiled a list of 13 Wedding Hacks that will make your day easy peasy; most of the hacks helping with those unknown things you have yet to realize as a cause for stress! Without further ado, here is a little preemptive damage and stress control for you:

When money gets tight.

1.) Chose to hold your wedding on a Friday instead. Saturdays are typical, but because of this, are also more expensive. Have your wedding fall on a Friday will save you money. TGIF!

2.) Choose a wedding venue where you can also hold the ceremony is a beautiful thing and two-for-one deal. You’ll be cutting down on a bunch of costs including transportation between venues.

When wedding invites and thank-yous get frustrating.

3.) Invest in a personalized stamp with you and your hubby-to-be’s names and address right on it. Cut time for all the mailing you’ll be doing.

4.) At the wedding, have a basket with envelops and have guests fill them out with their addresses. Think of the time they’ll be cutting you when sending the thank-you notes!

When mother nature isn’t being cooperative.

5.) Create DIY wedding programs that can double as a fan if your reception is being held outside. Intimate Weddings created an awesome DIY tutorial on how to create these DIY wedding programs that can double as a fan and triple as entertainment with adult-friendly games!

6.) If the wind isn’t planning to let up any time soon, don’t let your bridesmaids pull a Marilyn Monroe in front of all your guests. Sew small dress weights into their hems and a peep show is the last thing you’ll have to worry about.

7.) It’s not necessarily Mother Nature’s fault, but if you need to trod across soft grass in your heels, the last thing you want is to sink like quicksand. Invest in these Solemates and stay above the ground!

When your body isn’t being cooperative.

8.) Of course you got a zit the morning of your wedding day. Put the breaks on the stress train (don’t make it worse). Then, if you have some Listerine on hand, dab a little on the blemish for about 10 minutes. Swelling will go down and you hide it easier with cover up.

9.) If your mouth is drying up from nervousness, your breath is probably hot and less-than fresh. Don’t sweat it. Have your Maid of Honor carry a little freshness with her for the moments before you walk toward your sweetheart. A bottle of water will help hydrate you and a couple mints will wipe away the bad breath immediately!

10.) If you’re feeling a little bloated and gassy, avoid embarrassment by taking coated peppermint oil in capsule form.

When your dogs are barking.

11.) No, not Sparky or Fluffy, I mean your feet. If your feet are killing you from heels after being in them all day, chances are you’re not alone. Make sure you have a pair of flats to switch out for your heels during your reception, and if you want to be super nice, a whole basket of stretchy flats for everyone to opt for if they’re in as much pain as you. You can now dance freely without that pained look on your face!

12.) If you or your groom try on your shoes the day of the wedding and they seem too snug for comfort, don’t freak out. Put on a pair of thick socks, put on your shoes and blow dry your shoes for ten minutes or so. Voila!